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Welcome to the MOMS Club® of Peoria NW, AZ. If you are an at-home mother  living in Peoria and looking to spend time with other mothers in your area, then MOMS Club is the perfect opportunity for you to get out of the house and meet other mothers just like you.  See “About Our Chapter” for our boundaries. If you live in this area, then we’d love for you to join our Chapter.

MOMS Club of Peoria NW is a local chapter of the International MOMS Club a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the at-home mother of today in the community of which she lives. MOMS Club stands for “MOMS Offering Moms Support” and that is exactly what our mission is. We welcome all mothers within our chapter boundaries who are home during the week, as well as mothers who run a home-based business or work part-time outside their home, looking for activities to do with other mothers and children. Our club is a great way to participate in activities and become involved in the community around you. Most of our activities, are during the day, when at-home mothers need support the most. Our activities are designed to be fun and interesting to moms and children alike!